Discover the Best Natural Medicines to Sleep

Who does not  like to sleep? In addition to be a natural process of the body since it is one of the ways of generating energy for every day keeps the mind calm and at the same time reduce some diseases. Some people suffer from lack of or difficulty in sleeping. Due to problems in his life of personal, family, or job type.

best natural medicines to sleepThe best natural medicines to sleep

Today there are alternatives to help combat insomnia. From homemade recipes, regulate breathing and stretching joints before sleeping until the intake of drugs with hormones such as melatonin and 5-HTP. Which help in a simple and natural way to regulate sleep. So it is then mentioned some of the best natural medicines for providing a good night.


Melatonin is certainly one of the best drugs to fall asleep since it is the hormone that regulates sleep and allows you to sleep well. Some people have low levels of melatonin and they are sufferers of insomnia and is one of the ways to combat insomnia is by consuming drugs that include melatonin does not require a medical prescription and works making it easier to get to sleep. You need to see a doctor to get melatonin. They are available as melatonin capsules, drops, syrup and in a spray.


A fairly comprehensive hormone because it helps to deal with problems such as depression, changes in mood, headaches and migraines, and as a treatment for the sleep disorder. Before starting to consume it requires well informed about this product since it is not suitable for all persons. In addition, it is a component that is located in natural over-the-counter on presentation of tablets.


Initially it is a component for treating allergies but in some cases it works to regulate sleep. Histamine is a component that is caused by allergies and that people remain awake to be difficult they reconcile the sleep, to consume antihistamine medications cause drowsiness so it is recommended taking this medication before sleep.

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