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The Ranch

The Wagon Wheel Ranch has been owned by my family since the early 70's. It has always been a haven for sick, abused and neglected animals. My parents first bought it so my sister and I could be closer to our ponies. They felt that if the ponies were on our own property, they might be able to keep us home more often. We used to live at the stables and often times begged our parents to let us stay the night in the barn. I am not sure my father would have done this had he know he would soon be overrun by every kind of animal imaginable! Currently we have two homes on the ranch. My family and I live in one and my parents in the other. My sister and her family will be joining us shortly as they just started building their house in the field next to ours.


I have a wonderful husband and three terrific kids. My oldest is Michael. He is a very smart young man. Graduating high school at age 14, he now attends college at Chico State. He loves computers and Star Trek. He also loves to read and plays the clarinet. My oldest daughter is Marissa. She was in a special program in seventh and eighth grade called IB which is an accelerated program that prepares you for college. She is not as smart as my son, just tries ten times harder. She loves to sing, dance do flips, run track and many other things. She is a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. She also plays 3 different instruments (flute, piccolo & alto sax) very well and is learning more. She wants to be a singer among other things when she grows up. (Of course she thinks she IS grown up!!) She is now enjoying high school life. And.. My third child is Mattea. She was born in August of 1999 and she truly is a gift from GOD. My husband was a middle school teacher for many years and now teaches at the high school where my daughter attends. I am blessed with the fact that he is a very caring Christian man. He was a city boy when I married him, but now whole heartedly claims the country as home. You probably have guessed that I am a country girl. I am also a teacher in middle school, but am on a child rearing leave.

This is MATTEA at four months old.
 Mattea means Gift from God!


  Page Last Edited: March 26, 2004.